Tengdahl S/S Collection launch at MBFF

Tengdahl spring/summer mercedes benz fashion festival

Last night we launched our S/S collection, Forever Young. The range is sensual in both look and feel, made from the finest natural textiles such as silk and french lace - as well as new-generation high tech stretch fabrics, designed for breathability, easy care and longevity.

The concept behind the range, which I discussed in this blog article, was the focus of the night - with Jacqui's beautiful rainbow-spectrumed prints floating down the catwalk in numerous incarnations, including the breathtaking Gypsy Dress, which took on a life of its own with a dramatic plunge neckline, jingling coin detailing and maxi skirt that shot colour down the runway. The same limited edition fabric has been crafted into a versatile garment, that can be worn as a dress, poncho or scarf (view it here). 

I could go on forever talking about the rare electric blue French lace, georgette capes and tangerine silk jumpsuits that literally feels like you are wearing nothing, but I'll let the pictures do the talking this time...

JT xx 

The parade was followed by a VIP party hosted by the Brisbane Arcade. Thanks to the guests who joined us for this special event!  

Check out Forever Young in the media this week...

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