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Entwined Collection: Threads we love to wear


A love of discovering unique textiles, immersing myself in different cultures and a passion for traveling to new lands in search of that something special, has inspired this next collection called "Entwined ". There has always been a genuine fascination in seeing how fabric is created and woven. Watching the Artisans weaving hand dyed threads into a colourful intricate tapestry that one day will be sewn into beautiful garments for us to wear, cherish and adore is what drives me to design those special pieces for you.

This time last year I travelled to the southeast coast city of Pondicherry (Puducherry) once a French colonial settlement with preserved vibrant architecture and tree lined streets. My passion for handmade textiles brought me to a women’s co-op, where they weave gorgeous ikat prints on old wooden handlooms. I watched as the women maneuvered the shuttles over and under the weft threads eventually unfolding a beautiful complex pattern of colour.

Dying the cotton


Spinning the cotton into thread on a charkha wheel


Preparing the yarn for weaving on a handloom


 Weaving on a handloom

A year down the track I have taken divine time to develop and evolve the inspiration for the collection you see today. Beautiful feminine designs, joyful colours and specially crafted textiles that have been entwined and woven with dedication, devotion and love.


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