Design Process

Find Inspiration

Discovering inspiration is an ongoing process of dreaming, meditating and collecting moments or thoughts. I find myself going on a journey whether that is traveling in my mind or experiencing travel to a new land. I think about how the collection will look and feel and develop my inspiration and ground the collection by creating a storyboard of designs, colours, textures and textiles.

Design & Sampling

Sketching and pattern making brings the collection to life. We go through the process of fabric conformation, sampling each design in suitable textiles. The sample is incredibly important, we test the garments for wearability, durability and purpose and the team feedback is integral to the end product and how these pieces can be worn by our clients.


The pattern grading process ensures that each design and it’s costings are recorded and archived. We individually grade patterns on cardboard for consistency of fit for the Australian body shape.


Our samples are photographed for the website, marketing and social media.


Quality control is an important part of production. We do size break up testing in the store to ensure that we are happy with the fit, feel and shape of the garment on our clients.


One of our major priorities is having new collections work with previous collections and this is how we merchandise the boutique. We guide women to see how many different ways to wear a garment and we also bring that experience to our online store.

Collection Launch

A collection launch celebrates the artistic process, the story and the joy of the community coming together. This is where we listen and learn from our clients for guidance on which pieces they love and will buy.


Production is kept local, and we pride ourselves on our footprint of supply and demand. Our policy and what we work towards is zero-waste and circularity.

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