spring summer tengdahl 2014

Influenced by Julie’s recent travels to Europe, India and Asia, freesoul layers luxury French fabrics against exotic artisan craft embellishments hand picked by the designer; no two garments are exactly the same.

The resulting collection is sensual, rich, exotic and explores the design commonalities shared between cultures and locations across the world; fashion, food and music through to art and architecture.

“It has a very free-spirited vibe; it’s about walking your own path and being able to merge and absorb different cultural influences,” Julie said.

Within the East-meets-West mosaics of fabrics, Julie has also interwoven a series of limited edition printed fabrics that resulted from a collaboration with award-winning Brisbane artist, Claudia Husband.

In a year that saw Julie give wings to her self-described “inner nomad”, she wanted to bring a unique, Brisbane centric touch to the eclectic range, giving a nod to her local area, West End’s, melting-pot identity – and creative integrity.

“All of us are a patchwork, a collage, in a sense – and so is the collection, filled with imperfections, rips, colour bleeds and layers,” Julie said.


Designer fashion Australian made

Explore the contrast between softness and strength, light and dark, woman and girl, warrior and goddess with Tengdahl's A/W2014 collection. The range reflects the dichotomy that exists within every female. From actresses and artists through to business leaders and iconic female politicians, designer Julie Tengdahl tells the stories of women she has observed over the past 30 years in the fashion industry; and how they chose to reveal, or conceal, these juxtapositions to the world through their clothing and adornments.

Using Tengdahl's trademark silks, chiffon, embellishments and bespoke Sophie Hallette lace - made in France exclusively for Tengdahl - the range celebrates the intelligent, sensual, confident woman who years for longevity - and values Australian made designer fashion.

Forever Young is our spring/summer 2013 collection. Launched at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, the collection reveals a special series of fabrics that were 10 years in the making. To create the fabrics for the range, Julie collaborated with artist Jacqui Conias, channelling their decade long working relationship into a series of new luxury textiles that offer more than meets the eye. 

The limited edition fabrics used throughout the collection are comprised of Ms Conias’ insightful works of art, converted into patterns and printed on silk and georgette. The connection between art and fashion is intimate and powerful, both providing women with a meaningful way to conveying who they are, what they stand for and who they want to be.

Viewed from a distance, the patterns appear as tiny dots, but on closer inspection reveal themselves as tiny reproductions of Jacqui’s portraits. The portraits were auctioned earlier this year to raise funds for the purchase of a milk bank freezer for the RBWH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which saved Jacqui's daughter’s life after she was born premature at 27 weeks. Read more about the significance of the digital prints here
Exclusive to Tengdahl, the bespoke prints also combine intricate hand written quotes to form modern geometric designs that equally intrigue and inspire - alongside Tengdahl’s signature lace, silk and luxuriously embellished textiles. 

The range provides an alternative to 'fast fashion' trends with enduring designs that offer a luxurious fit as well as longevity.

"Now more than ever its important for women to understand where their fashion comes from; how the fabrics are made and sourced, and the quality and conditions under which the pieces are made – there’s a significance behind each garment’s story; how it’s conceived and crafted,” Julie said. 

View Tengdahl's spring/summer collection on the runway here

A/W 2013

Draw inspiration from timeless classics; a signature jacket, enduring smoking suit and chic simplicity of capris - with a colourful, modern twist that merges femininity with functionality.

From lightweight travel jackets and sheer emerald green blouses through to multicolour sequined wool skirts and capri pants in a lollypop palette, experience Tengdahl’s trademark sophistication for leisure, corporate and after five styling.

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