Colour Me Happy

Bold, look-at-me colour is everywhere at the moment; from the runway at New York Fashion Week through to department store shelves and every cosmetic, clothing, jewellery, handbag and shoe collection in between. There really is no excuse not to have at least a little smattering of tangerine, violet, electric blue, fuchsia or neon yellow in your wardrobe - or at least in your make up kit - this season.

It bucks the trends of fashion eras gone by, where pretty bright florals and block colours were brought out in S/S and tonal or monochromatic dressing was reserved for winter. And funerals.

One of the defining aspects of Brisbane fashion is its willingness to immerse itself in colour. Splashes and clashes. Bold or demure. It might be those eternally blue autumn skies or rich green subtropical winter foliage that lines our streets during the colder months that makes us take to colour so enthusiastically. Either way, it speaks of health, confidence and vitality; and I love it.

Beyond just making us look fabulously bright and happy, colour has a physiological influence on the internal workings of our bodies, as explored by Huffington Post journalist Rachel Grumman Bender. The right colour can even make us look healthier than we feel.

I drew upon this concept when creating the current collection; the idea that by slipping on a certain colour, we can invigorate, inspire, energise and lift our mood. While looking damn good.

The collection is also about the quintessential lady. Being able to be strong and bold (through colour) - while also satiating our need for femininity and elegance through classic tailoring and come-hither lines that compliment curves and accentuate the ideal female form. Yes, even in winter.

As the weather cools, I hope this collection inspires you to throw open your arms to a new hue you’ve never tried before, and celebrate your femininity.

JT xx

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