Our new Australian made bikini

After 30 years of designing, I am excited to share with you my first swimwear design! The bikini is a tribute to the first collection I ever designed (way, way back...). It was an active wear range that I created during my time as an aerobics instructor, back in the 80's when I was establishing my career as a young fashion graduate. Fast forward three decades, and an upcoming trip to Qualia at Hamilton Island inspired me to create a bikini I could wear on my getaway. The fabric features the special Jacqui Conias fabric I have written about on this blog previously, with the dots comprised of tiny digital reproductions of Jacqui's beautiful artwork. 

I wanted the top to ensure the wearer feels comfortable, confident and is able to move around and have fun while wearing it, without worrying about fallout or slippage! While retaining the classic sexy triangle string bikini shape, I designed the top with this is mind, merging the triangle cup with a halterneck shape, ensuring the strap width extends above the collarbone.

I love wearing it with my Gypsy silk maxi, Gemma Sequin Cami, Silk Georgette Poncho and Silk Georgette Kimino. Shop the limited edition design here

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