Tengdahl Spring Racewear Styling Parties

Stuck for something to wear to your Melbourne Cup event this year? Tengdahl's annual racewear styling parties are a stress-free, quick and fun way to put together your entire spring racing look in one location, with free styling assistance from three of Brisbane's racewear experts.

Brisbane fashion designer Julie Tengdahl, jewellery designer Paula Hall and The Hat Box milliner Dale Olssen will join forces to provide one-on-one racewear advice to help you select the perfect outfit for your spring racing event this year.

Held at the Tengdahl Emporium and Brisbane Arcade stores, these styling sessions promise an easy and enjoyable spring fashion experience, providing free access to the most sought after advice from Brisbane’s veteran fashion designers and drawing from decades of experience dressing award winning race goers, celebrities, politicians and style leaders.

Feel free to pop in during your lunch break, grab a glass of champagne, view our fashion parade and get personalised styling from some of Brisbane's leading fashion designers. 

fashion designer brisbane racewear julie tengdahl

Racewear rules: Julie's styling tips 

  • Look for longevity! Invest in an outfit that can be worn for other purposes, many times over for years to come.
  • From your shoes to your dress and all the way up to your hat, whatever you wear should be comfortable and well-crafted.
  • racewear designer brisbaneIf a garment doesn’t fit properly, not only will you be repositioning straps, adjusting necklines and pulling on uncomfortable seams all day you also won’t gravitate towards wearing it again, hence you won’t get value from your investment.
  • Spring racing is less about following ‘trends’, and more about ‘enduring style’. Select a classic cut and inject a modern edge through the use of colour, prints, accessories or embellishments.
  • Consider the overall look. Whether you are buying a new dress or wearing something that’s already in your wardrobe, have it on hand when you select your headwear, jewels and shoes. It’s all about the entire look, rather than just individual pieces.
  • The spring racing carnival tradition is a perfect excuse to indulge in the ritual of ‘dressing up’, looking elegant and ladylike. Opt for mid, knee or calf length hemlines or make a statement with a pant suit or maxi skirt not a mini dress.
  • Be confident; whether you are aspiring for a fashions on the field position, or just sitting down to lunch with your girlfriends, your best accessory will always be an elegant sense of confidence!

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