With a signature style that transcends trends and age groups, Tengdahl is amongst the few truly Australian-made luxury labels. By using exquisite and unique textiles and impeccable craftsmanship, Tengdahl strives to honour ethical and responsible fashion, and is a proud advocate of the slow fashion movement.

“It’s an evolution of ourselves to love what we see in the mirror. My purpose is to help bring out the effulgence in every women.

Seduced as a young girl by the magic of beautiful fabrics and the desire to create something new to wear, Julie Tengdahl has enjoyed a 30-year career in one of the world’s most creative and challenging industries.

Following her graduation Julie worked for one of Brisbane’s most prestigious bridal houses ‘Deons’. This developed her love of beautiful textiles, appreciation of design and the importance of listening to clients.

After this formative time Julie moved to London to hone her craft and immerse herself in the European fashion and design scene.

Brisbane called her back with a marriage, three amazing children and the vision to create her fashion label ‘Tengdahl’.

Having won numerous awards for design excellence, Julie’s signature style is motivated by sustainable, ethical production, impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite, unique textiles. As an avid traveller Julie’s collections have evolved to include her creative interpretation of her own journeys.

Julie has never lost sight of what truly drives her highly sought-after brand: authenticity, a continual focus on excellence and a love of her client community.

This has allowed Julie to transcend global fashion trends, generations and time with a contemporary Demi-couture label that empowers women of all generations to feel beautiful and love what they see in the mirror.

The locality of our workroom and small team allows Tengdahl to strive as a demi-couture label - producing limited editions of hand crafted, quality garments and custom designing these pieces for our clients. Each garment is produced with the same level of care as the next, and all pieces undergo thorough quality control before arriving in our boutique store. The Tengdahl team values our close relationships with our clients both in Australia and abroad, to provide the best possible service to every customer within our retail and online stores.

Tengdahl loves a runway to showcase how all the pieces in a collection can come together so stylishly! The brand has been involved in ten Mercedes-Benz Fashion Shows in Brisbane, fifteen Brisbane Arcade Spring Show’s and three Brisbane Fashion Month Runways.

Our boutique is located inside the Brisbane’s heritage listed, Brisbane Arcade. Julie’s first store opened in the Arcade three decades ago. Located on the ground floor, the boutique boats a charming window front with displays changing every week. Step inside and feel the magic of Tengdahl for yourself...

A creative vortex in the middle of the city, our studio sits inside the Brisbane Arcade facing the Queen St Mall. Everyday we look over the hub of energy below. This is the place where inspiration takes place to develop each collection, from design, sample, finishing, quality control and even bespoke pieces. 

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